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Latest Releases:
Pretty Little Killer
In Sydney Allan’s sassy, page-turning suspense a woman races to discover the truth about a murderer...before it’s too late.

A bright spring morning goes horribly wrong when Danielle Whitlock gets the shock of her life. Her best friend is arrested for murder. Worried for her friend, and angered by the injustice of  the false accusation, Dani decides to investigate. But she quickly realizes she’s in over her head. Desperate for answers, she enlists the help of her ex-boyfriend, Rob Greyson. However, the deeper they dig, the more twisted and confusing the case becomes, until she is backed into a corner, leaving her with two horrific options:  

Stop the devious killer, no matter what it takes...

Or become the killer's next victim.

Secretary Kath Lewis embarks on the vacation of a lifetime only to have things go horribly wrong from the get-go. She has a Marilyn Monroe moment just as she’s meeting the sexy Captain Morgan Hawk for the first time; her brother--her only traveling companion--is called home to handle an emergency; and as Kath and the seductive captain sail to the next port to pick up her best friend, the boat is caught in a violent (supernatural) storm...and something sinister is unleashed from the deep.
LENGTH: 23,000 words (Novella)
WARNING: This novella is a sensual paranormal romance with a totally implausible plot. As such, it contains a dangerous pirate with a to-die-for body, sizzling sex on a yacht, adult language, and a few fun surprises for your reading pleasure.
Deep, Dark and Dangerous